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a cross - stitch picture with a house and stars on it next to a pine cone
Le Jardin des Neiges…
Le Jardin des Neiges… – L'Atelier Cerise et Lin
a heart shaped box sitting on top of sheet music
The Music Box
Full moon. The edge of the Soul...: The Music Box
a piece of cloth with embroidered designs on it sitting next to a wooden stick and tree branch
Il est cinq heures.......
Il est cinq heures.......
a red and white box with a cat on it's side, next to a string
J'aime la broderie française
C Mon Monde | J'aime la broderie française
a wooden frame with a heart hanging from it
L'atelier de Luciole
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a cross stitch sample with buttons and thread
a cross stitch ornament hanging from a tree in the snow with some branches around it
April sur le fil.
a christmas ornament hanging from the side of a snow covered pine tree branch
Dame de coeur Dame, Luggage
Dame de coeur
a pillow with a pink and blue design on it
Petit Printemps - CmonMonde https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-N-s-A-n-E-t-H-i-N-g-S/1631726707071453?ref=hl
a pillow sitting on top of a wooden bench
i N s A n E t H i N g S
Jard'nain design by Cmonmonde https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-N-s-A-n-E-t-H-i-N-g-S/1631726707071453?ref=hl
an embroidered ornament with scissors next to it on a piece of fabric and thread
My journal of cross-stitching: samplers, primitive, whimsical…and others crafts…
Design by CMonMonde - Michele Angelot
some white linens with embroidered designs on them and buttons attached to the back of each one
Entre Terre & Mer ... ♥ - Un Atelier à la Campagne
a potted plant with pine cones and berries in it is sitting on the ground
Dans un Panier de Fleurs
Un gros coup de coeur pour un petit ouvrage qui se brode très vite.... Dans un p anier de Fleurs CMonMonde broderie avec...