Tie a string through a mento. Put the soda cap on it. When they open the drink the mento falls in


Blue Teeth and a Numb Mouth A drop of food coloring or drop of Orajel on a toothbrush with alternately turn ones teeth blue or numb the mouth. Both temporary, both perfect April Fool’s day practical jokes.

Perfect prank.

I would probably have a heart attack air horn under office computer desk chair prank

The Exploding Cake.....Oh my!

exploding cake - because April Fools is a Holiday too! Also for a surprise birthday party.big surprise to let birthday person cut it !Then bring out the real cake!


Air horn prank, or, "how to tell if your roommate/family/spouse hates you.

Nice prank

Trying to figure out the best April Fools' day prank? Use one of these thirty-nine epic ways to prank your friends on April Fools!


When my co-worker goes on vacation...

Planting a garden in a keyboard. Best office prank idea, especially if the co-worker goes on vacation for a week or so. I would use a keyboard that looks like theirs though. That way you don't get into trouble for destroying someone's property.

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