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When I read The Outsiders in school, we had to read it over the course of two weeks. Let's just say I finished pretty early...

This was me when I would read every night. "Getting pretty tired I should sleep" show "only have 10 minutes left" me "okay ill go to sleep then" show " sudden turn of events" me"well shit I can't stop now"

then grover's there like "you don't even KNOW how I felt on Percy and Annabeth's first quest.....EVERYONE knew they liked each other! THEY DIDN'T GET TOGETHER TILL LIKE 5 YEARS LATER TOO!"

Grover: *pulls out power point presentation, binder full of notes and facts, folder full of photographs, and video recordings of percabeth* DO U REALLY WANT TO GO THERE MAN<--- pinning just for this

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This is how I felt when I finished Hammer or Thor and realized I had to wait till May for another Rick book.