EcoZoom Dura

Zoom Dura

EcoZoom& Dura rocket stove burns wood and other dry solid biomass. The Dura is great for camping or off-grid cooking and has proven its durability in devel


Handforged, uncoated turk iron fry pan with flat hook handle. Seamless handle without welding or riveting. The surface is scratch and cut resistant.

Falcon Enamalware Mug

Search for falcon enamelware mug products that have been hand-selected by Dwell and our partners. Each product page will tell its back story—including the materials, construction, and inspiration—and will link you to…

Petromax Hobo-Kocher bk1 mit Bodenrost unten

This compact and efficient hobo stove is reliable: it supports pots of every size and weight and is assembled in just a few steps.

No Burn BBQ Saucepot | Williams-Sonoma

No Burn Cast-Iron Saucepot

Perkolator einzeln weiss

Tea and Coffee Percolator "Perkomax" (White)

Petromax hf2 Profi-Gasbrenner mit Piezo-Zündung

The blowtorch is an ideal tool for an easy lighting of a Petromax lamp. It provides a convenient way to light the Petromax lamp through the use of its spirit cup (preheat cup). The blowtorch can just as well be used to light the Petromax lamp through the

Petromax Dreibein

With the Petromax Cooking Tripod everyone will enjoy a great outdoor-cooking experience. It can be easily and safely hung up a barbecue grate as well as a Petromax Dutch Oven.

Gusseiserne Kastenform

If you know and love the excellent qualities of cast iron, then you know that this loaf pan should belong to the basic cookware of every kitchen: moist cakes, freshly baked bread, casseroles or crusty roast meat will henceforth be prepared in the Petromax

Feuertopf ft12 planer Boden (ohne Füße)

The original Petromax Dutch Oven is ideally suited to cooking and baking in the open air or in the oven at home. With the Dutch oven, Petro

Grill- und Feuerschale fs56

Griddle and Fire Bowl

Petromax Feuerkanne fk2 mit Feuerschale

Boiling water quickly and easily with the double-walled Petromax Fire Kettle.Bringing water to the boil easilyWhile a crackling fire burns in the fire bowl, the heat of the fire goes up through the inside of the kettle.

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Nos sculptures brasero barbecue Cesarré

Nos sculptures brasero barbecue Cesarré

Cesarré, the maker of designer outdoor furniture offers KARA, an efficient and modern sculpture-like BBQ grill that doubles as a decorative piece. KARA is made Read