CNET has plenty of photography tips, tricks and tutorials for snappers of all skill levels. Here are a couple of our top tips in one handy guide.

12 tips every photographer should know - Page 5 - CNET

Compact, simple and flexible, you can also use the DXO One with an iPad.

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Hue CC creates "looks" from images that you can subsequently apply to video. It displays colors and the frequency with which they appear in a scene, then lets you specify a midtone color and tweak the intensity of the entire palette while previewing on your own images and videos in real-time.

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Learn how to solve some common photography problems that beginners often come across.

9 basic photography mistakes (and how to fix them) - CNET

The Beastgrip Pro is a resizable handheld cage with a 37mm lens mount and comes with macro, wide-angle and fisheye lenses.

Beastgrip Pro may be a monster rig for shooting phone video (hands-on) - CNET

Learn how to set up your kit just right and use slow shutter speeds to take surreal long exposure photographs.

How to take dreamy long exposure photos - CNET

Going somewhere nice? Make sure you read our guide for the best tips on how to come back with gorgeous pictures.

CNET's top tips on getting stunning travel photos - CNET

From peel-and-stick posters for less than a dollar to framed canvas prints, the service lets you quickly turn your smartphone pictures (or camera shots, of course) into artwork and the results are fantastic.

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Learn how to get started with Canon's easy wireless flash system, which lets you trigger an external flash unit using your dSLR.

How to use Canon's wireless flash system for beginners - CNET

Learn how to get started with off-camera flash using nothing more than your Nikon dSLR and an external speedlight.

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Got a tablet? Turn it into a DIY photo light for illuminating portraits, macro shots and dreamy light paintings.

Five ways to use a tablet as a photography light - CNET

Learn how to use a feature on your dSLR to make creative double exposures, from silhouettes to clone portraits.

How to make double exposures with a dSLR - CNET

Spider Holster wants to give you a better grip on your digital SLR. If you've ever used a hand strap, you may have noticed that it has a tendency to get in the way. Whether it's when you're trying to swap batteries or memory cards or when you pick up the camera for a quick shot without slipping your hand in.

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Whether you're a dSLR enthusiast or a smartphone photographer, here are quick tips to get the most out of holiday photos.

Six tips for great summer photos - CNET

These camera accessories are ready to go when you are. Enhance your photography experience whether you're on a dSLR or a smartphone with these accessories.

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How to shoot stable handheld video on a dSLR #phototips

How to shoot stable handheld video on a dSLR - CNET

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 printer: Fun instant photo printer for your smartphone

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 printer review - CNET

Do you want to make money with your photos? Here's your chance with Snapwire.

Snapwire for iOS Preview - CNET

JVC's Adixxion GC-XA2 action cam is easily one of the best options for capturing your thrills and spills.


The supermoon is coming. Here's how to take some great snaps of the lunar event.

How to photograph the supermoon - CNET

PhotoDesk puts Instagram on your Mac. The app is currently discounted for $2 Tuesday.

PhotoDesk puts Instagram on your Mac - CNET

Sick of blurry photos of fireworks? From setup to execution, you can get great photos of pyrotechnics with a smartphone or dSLR with a few tips and tricks. Learn how to wow.

How to take photos of fireworks - CNET

Monoprice Wi-Fi microSD Adapter. It's affordable price at less than $35 makes it one of the cheapest options.

Monoprice Wi-Fi microSD Adapter Preview - CNET

Not getting the dreamy out-of-focus backgrounds you were hoping for from your dSLR's kit lens? Here's how to do it.

How to get a blurred background from your dSLR's kit lens - CNET

New entrant looks likely to find a niche and a profit by November with a business model that returns more license revenue to contributors.

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