Center for Neurosomatic Therapy

Center for Neurosomatic Therapy

Clearwater, FL  ·  The Center for Neurosomatic Studies, located at 13825 Icot Blvd, #604, Clearwater, FL. Start your exciting, rewarding and lucrative career in the health care in
Center for Neurosomatic Therapy
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Migraines affect the whole person.

Contrary to popular opinion, a child does not need to be knocked out, even briefly, to have a concussion. Here is a list of concussion signs and symptoms.

Migraine and headache pain can make your head throb and pound.

Psychophysiological illnesses- any stress from the mind that eventually effects the boy and causes certain physical illnesses. Some examples of these illnesses would be hypertension and massive headaches. Stress also causes the immune system to decrease.

Manual therapy techniques are an excellent remedy for headaches

Erik Dalton\'s muscle energy and myofascial mobilization techniques offer the pain-management, sports therapist, massage therapist and structural integrator