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I'm constantly writing. I think it's because we teach what we most need to learn. What I'm learning is how to make good on my parenting promises. Perhaps my lessons will be of help to you. Please consider offering your ideas and sharing your feedback.

Blogs and Articles

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Needy People - Strengthen personal boundaries to allow your friends to be themselves – just not at your expense.

Is it winnable? Can you can see yourself playing for your goal Monday to Sunday all 52 weeks this year? Most people are pretty good at picturing the finish line but forget to also picture themselves playing through the year. Don’t skip over this part because it’s within the vision of actually playing for results that you’ll discover whether or not your resolution is winnable.

Creating a Winnable New Year's Resolution

Why Do They Play? How many of the kids on any youth football team want to play football vs. want to be known as a football player? This month's article at USA Football --

Thinking Requires Practice -- Allow your children to practice thoughtful thinking. Welcome and praise their mistakes now as a way to proactively prepare them for successful futures. Don't wait until the price for learning is too high.

9/4/13 Negative attitudes and harsh judgment get in the way of building relationships. Play The Game of 10 What Ifs to short-circuit the habit.

Youth sport coaches have a powerful role to play in the communities they serve. I'm here to help them amplify their influence so that they can do that even better.

The Cringe Power of a Back-Up Plan. Use the power of the Plan B cringe to get you through the challenges of Plan A.

Having it all is a pipe dream. In an already full life you’ll need to make trade-offs to add anything new. What will you 'unplug'?

6/27/13 Listen with Caution - It stands to reason that most people choose that which makes them comfortable. The problem is that feeling comfortable may be nothing more than having familiarity with something. Read the blog post and share your thoughts >> peacemakerparent....

Feeling dissatisfied, bored, or unfulfilled? Try this 3-step approach and see how much the quality of your life actually improves. Listen to the Monday Morning Motivational Moment about just this idea. We broadcast live on the Jay Michaels Radio Show, WFAS 103.9 FM, New York.

The Paradox of Choice - In the pursuit of making the right choice are you making no choice at all? Monday Morning Motivational Moment on the Jay Michaels Show, WFAS 103.9 FM New York

Why God Made Moms - a short video -- What 2nd graders have to say about their moms

Peacemaker Blog - Nothing changes the fact that a bus ran a red light nearly killing me and my son, but I CAN change the meaning of the facts.

Teachers Wielding Kryptonite More and more teachers are unhappy. The very people to whom we turn for help in preparing our kids for adulthood are starting to dislike their jobs. According to MetLife’s study, teacher satisfaction is at its lowest point in 25 years—not good because unhappiness can spill over into the classroom.

NFL + GE - The Sum is Greater Than Its Parts Leadership was in full bloom Monday 3/11/13 at 30 Rock in NYC. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt invited the world to engage in the celebration and discussion of their new Head Health Initiative. The NFL’s Evolution continues on and is picking up momentum.

NFL + GE – The Sum is Greater Than Its Parts

Garden Analogy - Good Weeders Required. Changing your relationship begins with the current conditions—soil into which seeds are planted or the condition of your existing relationship.

Garden Analogy – Good Weeders Required

Stepford Students - Understandably our culture is focused on security - is it creating a new danger though? Click the image to read the article and to offer your thoughts.

Openly Spying - APG's new iPhone app makes it easier for parents to spoil trust. Click the image to read the article and to chime in with your comments.

Stop Punishing Your Kids -- when you've done their chores. Click the image to read the article and share your thoughts.

Offer of Influence - Your messages that influence aren’t heard with ears; they are heard with eyes and ears.

Offer of Influence, Have you REALLY chosen to make an offer?

Control is an illusion - Influence is all you have -- thankfully that's enough to get the job done. Click on the image to read the short article and please consider sharing your thoughts.

Crushed by Hurricane Sandy - She crushed the image I had of my family. Click the image to read the article and then, please consider sharing your stories with me.

Grandparents and the Experience Economy - Grandparents are vital resources -- have you stopped to take a closer look?

Protect the Kids; Honor the Coaches -- Talking about youth sports and the need to honor the parents who make it all possible.

Profound relationships are made from you, me, AND our relationship. Communication skills are vital to creating the relationships that bring us everything.