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66lanvin:  WARM as the SUN, DIPPED in BLACK………..No.21

gold tipped finger tips / metallic / otherwordly makeup / body paint / hands / inspiration

✧・゚. angrydinosaurx ✧*

Choker necklace with plaid cardigan, graphic tee & ripped black by athousandchapters // that band is so good 😍 avenged sevenfold

Poison Dart Frog - para mostrar à Andreia que diz que não existem sapinhos azuis! :D

Poison Dart Frog - Most species of Dart Frogs make exellent inhabitants for your vivarium! Most don't require special care and as long as you keep their home clean and comfortable with enough food, they'll love it!

•Curiosity Killed The Cat•

Curiosity killed the cat, someone once told me. I smiled at them and said: "But satisfaction brought it back.