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March 2015 "Understanding How Chiari Symptoms Affect Daily Activity"

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Chiari Malformation

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Real skull anatomy compared to decompressed skull viewed frm bellow, upward into the skulls' underside. Top is an average skull opening, allowing the spinal cord to connect to the brain. In #Chiari, the brain -lacking room in the skull cavity- squishes out this hole, creating pressure on the structures. The bottom skull shows the large opening created after surgery allowing the brain to plump back up into the cavity, relieve pressure on the brain tissue and cord, & opens channels for fluid.

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Ehrick Garion's Act These boys died b/c their doctors did not take Chiari Malformation seriously. We are trying to get an ACT made in every US state so medical personnel will not disregard the diagnosis of Chiari --to save lives. Please read this website for the stories of these boys: http://www.ehrickgarionsact.com. Then go to Facebook and find a support group for your state so you can help us get this done! Example: Ehrick Garion's Law - Georgia

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What is Chiari? A Chiari Malformation occurs when the cerebellum (the hind portion of the brain) protrudes past the skull (foramen magnum) and into the spinal column.