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NOVELTY EXPANDABLE FORK joking pranks practical jokes

Great prank that will take everyone by surprise... Use the fork to try your neighbor's dinner at a restaurant or reach across the table to snag a bite of a friend's food. Practical Use: This simple instrument can double as a back scratcher but a real prankster would never use it for that.

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My current fave prank. You are GUARANTEED to have people drop their drinks, run away, shove napkins in your face and stare in complete awe. Warning Prior to Use: This does not make you look lady like or feminine in ANY way and this could (and has) drive friends and strangers away.

Instant Winner! Words of advice: 1. Choose wisely who you give this to... people can get real MAD. 2. Buy a handful of real scratch tickets and incorporate this into the mix. 3. If possible, have a video camera around!