presents on the hour....each hour on your birthday

A present for every hour on your spouse’s birthday…what a cute idea to keep them feeling special all day long! (Good idea for kids too!) A present for every hour…

colored straws, cheap...$1.99 for 144!

So stoked about this! Annother pinner said "I paid way to much for my 25 yellow ones! great site for striped straws, cheap.

attach streamers to a hula hoop and hang - so pretty!

Attach streamers to a hula hoop and hang for a tented effect. Could be the coolest crepe paper streamer display in my classroom! The color wheel from the very center of the room!


10 Ways to Celebrate birthdays and make kids feel SUPER SPECIAL! Wake up to balloons, open a present, have a special breakfast, let the birthday kid choose supper. Do one or two each birthday or turn a few into yearly traditions. My kids LOVE these!

balloons and pipe cleaners = fun wreath for party

TREND: Art Themed Parties on

I thought this was a great idea for kids parties, not just for birthdays. You could do balloons and pipe cleaners or ribbon to match the occasion. Balloons & pipe cleaners - this is cuter than the other balloon wreaths I have seen

Sundae Party?

Sundae Party Fortune-Tellers Celebrate summer with a colorful sundae party, setting out toppings in fortune-tellers, those folded-paper staples of childhood. Sundae Party Fortune-Tellers How-To

A balloon for each year of age and a dollar inside each balloon! I'm going to start doing this in 2012. My kids will be thrilled!

VERY Extra Special Happy Birthday Balloons! What makes these balloons special, is that inside each one is a One Dollar bill! That makes them VERY Extra Special Happy Birthday Balloons:)