Ravelry: Yub Nub EWOK Scoodie FREE pattern by Kristen Stevenson

i know I am a grown woman, but it's an EWOK scoodie- how can I resist? Ravelry: Yub Nub EWOK Scoodie FREE pattern by Kristen Stevenson.

gimme the books

Endangered species Books Shelves Libraries (I like the pic of the bookshelves underneath the stairwell)

Winnie the Pooh + Avengers = Pooh Avengers

The Avengers, Winnie the Pooh-Style l by Charles Paul Wilson III l The Hulk masquerades as Pooh

No, but seriously...

"Only Benedict Cumberbatch. has a voice like a jaguar hiding in a cello." - Star of Sherlock


This is Zachary Quinto who plays Spock in the new Star Trek movies. I dont own this photo though Star Trek Spock is Hot!

Yep or game until 3 am

not so much nerd girl problem just anti-social girl not-really-a-problem-problem

I need this.... someday.

I Ate My Twin In The Womb Pitch Perfect Hilarious baby quote from the movie Pitch Perfect! Printed on Skreened Baby One Piece

Kate Middleton wins

While you're married to the doctor, she is married to the heir to the throne. She wins. Haha< only Doctor Who fans will understand me when I say, "I would much rather be engaged to the Doctor than a prince"

Too Cool for School

Items similar to 35 Science Prints Steampunk Rock Star Scientist Art Physics Diagram Educational Posters Geek Decor Tesla Feynman Newton on Etsy


"Do you know, in nine hundred years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important before." -- The Doctor. I never watched Doctor Who but this is a great quote