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I like the pop-up effect on this design. Perhaps we can incorporate this on our metamorphosis theme, with how the butterfly (for example) bursts out from its cocoon.
最昂贵的时光。君御天下 @黑弧奥美 作品@Lin Strakova采集到名片创意设计(214图)_花瓣平面设计
Ourfilms 影像教育扎根計畫
仙台・宮城デスティネーションキャンペーン #Graphic Design Poster
gloomy blue and happy circles This illustration reminds me Han-river and Namsan tower. And I like the tiny Japanese text in the middle.
Japanese Event Poster: Orchid Festival. Ren Takaya. 2010  #orchidfestival, #rentakaya, #gurafiku,
I am obsessed with this poster. I didn't know exactly what was going on a first because i was so distracted by all the colors. But I love the overhead view of people all going to the stage which is where the font is. Its so fun, awesome, and brilliant.