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two faced quotes for facebook | ... time figuring out which one of your two faces i am chatting with today

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Quotes: "Some people create their own #storms, then get upset when it rains." Commonly known as "#Drama #Queens," they may be suffering from HIstrionic Personality Disorder.

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Damn bitch

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Some people just drag you down. You try so hard but they can always show you they don't care about you. You shouldn't feel like you are been talked about or being kept from things. True friends talk about and share everything. True friends don't make you feel like crap after being with them.

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If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward

True, so True! Trust the Process and have Faith in God's Plan! #Life #Quotes #Words #Sayings #Faith #Hope #Trust #Inspiration

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So true...why did I do this to myself

We're sorry.

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What Goes Around…

This is what I was looking for!!! He's pissed bcuz I blew his cover, you're pissed bcuz he promised you would be different! I believe you quoted him "With you I am the man I wNt to be" I guess you forgot you were dating a married man & that meant a cheating, lying son of a bitch. He's been married twice & both times you cheated with him I guess that means you're a home wrecking whore! lol

What Goes Around...

don't let the heart that didn't love you keep you from the one that will

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So true! I'm all about giving people the benefit of the doubt but there comes a point when you realize it's not a one time bad day kind of mistake, it's who they really are slipping through their fake front. Past things that they've done and said all add up and you realize in that final straw moment just how ugly hearted and miserable they truly are.

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A weight is off my shoulders and feels good to not care anymore! The less you have to hangover my head the better it is for me, now that is freedom!

Dont be mad because I dont care anymore - Love, Fun and Romance


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~~Actually need to quit thinking like this, it tricks me into believing its okay to stay where I am now!! ..... And it IS NOT!~~

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Life-Wise quote | Inspiring Love Life Wise Quotes


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My father's unconditional love was the greatest gift. It was not that way with everyone though...hard lesson

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Words of wisdom. #quotes #inspiration


So true!!! I know someone who acts friendly with every single person, and then talks so poorly about them to her "friends" I'm sure she does this behind my back also... FAKE!!!

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How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged. Practice self control and breathe.

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.If you succeed in cheating someone, don't think that the person is a fool. Realize that the person trusted you much more than you deserved.

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If my mom moved to get away from me then she wouldn't have come to me and asked if I was ok with her moving. Funny how your past isn't my business, but you think it's ok to ask about my family which is none of your business. Even though while you were screwing around, i was helping my mom take care of your boys. You never helped us with shit. Again, nice double standard you've got there.

Mental Toughness vs the Law Of Attraction

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