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Einstein's general theory of relativity suggests, among other things, that masses in space distort the geometry of space-time. In addition, moving objects emit waves of gravitational radiation that carry energy away into space.

How Gravitational Waves Work (Infographic)

Perspective in space. - mind blown

Perspective in space.

Anatomy of an Active Black Hole (Infograph)

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What Does The Sun Sound Like?

This Is What the Sun Sounds Like | How the Universe Works

How far we can/could see out into space, so far


Rare Fossilized Turtle. This and more rare fossils for sale on

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From a recently discovered locality in Eastern Germany, this unique petrified wood is replete with sparkling druzy quartz crystalline structures, contrasting with the warm, earthy brown mineral replacement of the original wood. This and more rare fossils for sale on

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Spaces Settlement, Originals Of Lif Stories, Current Events, Modern Archaeology, Dana S Stuff, Extreme Planets

Origin-of-Life Story May Have Found Its Missing Link

29 Facts About Our Lives That Will Change You Completely – The Awesome Daily - Your daily dose of awesome

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How Galaxies are Classified by Type (Infographic)

Early History of Satellites.

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The Sun as seen from other Planets

Size of the Sun as seen from each planet

Apollo 9 Lunar Module maneuverability test, March 1969 [904x904]

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Complex: The Sun is seen as central to our solar system, but even that is on its own journey through the Local Bubble

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Scientists were baffled last July when they discovered three giant holes in the ground in the Yamal Peninsula in northern Siberia. - from

Scientists Sound Alert Over Mysterious Holes

Apollo 11

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Advances in quantum physics theory indicates there may be a Multiverse, at play. Instead of simply a Universe. This has been posited through mathematical equation and analysis.

Why we think there’s a Multiverse, not just our Universe

Voyager's biggest moments

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Everything You Need to Know About Dark Energy

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Tantalizing new images of the nearest dwarf planet to Earth are revealing never-before-seen surface features of the mysterious space rock.

Dwarf Planet Ceres Reveals Tantalizing Details in Best Photos Yet

When asteroid 2004 BL86 passed near Earth on January 26, it wasn't alone. A small moon came along for the ride.

Near-Earth asteroid has its own little moon in tow - CNET

#Astronomy: NASA The Next Chapter in #infographic

Twitter / SciencePorn: NASA's planned missions through ...

Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field: This is a really interesting article!

Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field

Cool illustration showing layers of the earth

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What is a Wormhole? - A wormhole is a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. Wormholes are predicted by the theory of general relativity. | Space

What is a Wormhole?