I like harry potter, divergent, hunger games, percy jackson, and the fault in our stars doctor who sherlock Mortal instruments and pretty much everything on that list

The hunger games

District outfits…

The Hunger Games District outfits I never really did see a couple of these while watching the movie. Which of these tributes actually looks menacing in these costumes?


<><><> I am!and team Gale! <><><>Shameeee only Team Peeta ♥<<< well I'm team Katniss cause it's not just a love triangle but I do love Peeta<< team peeta!

hunger games humor

Today at Starbucks, I had them write Primrose Everdeen on my cup. When it was ready and the barista called it out, I yelled "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!", took my cup and left.I`m SO gonna do this!

Um, duh, Camp half Blood, chilling with Edmund and Harry, but I could do with out the hunger games

Maybe be part of the rebellion, not necessarily fight in the Hunger Games. Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hunger Games.

Hunger Games!

Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson: 'The Hunger Games' in Vanity Fair. Wallpaper and background photos of Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson: 'The Hunger Games' in Vanity Fair for fans of Josh Hutcherson images.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I love how Katniss never lost her morality; even though she saw the most explicable things in the arena--TWICE. She witnessed horrible things and never lost her humanity.