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Here's a spectacular example of coin packaging : 9 buckets stacked on a pallet sandwiched between another pallet on the top all strapped and stretch-wrapped together. Great job! 5-gallon buckets of corroded coins being off-loaded from a delivery truck shipped 6 buckets per pallet. Notice, they were packaged very well with particle board to reinforce the lower pallet, cardboard stretched around the buckets, banded, and an upper pallet banded on top to sandwich buckets of coins in place. There were 60,000 tarnished coins weighing 650lb. We accept dirty coins in any condition. Let us clean your coins today.

Coin bags inside flat rate USPS boxes. This is ok as long as the coins aren't wet because these bags aren't water tight. Also, the box was a single box. It's better to double box them. Flat rate boxes are free. Use two.


Take care to follow our shipping instructions. Here's an example of a box weakened by moisture of wet coins in plastic bags with seals that were not tight.