Coi Sehgelmeble

Coi Sehgelmeble

Coi Sehgelmeble
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Sometimes people just need to hear that it's ok. It's ok to make a mistake. It's ok if you're not perfect. It's ok to miss someone. It's ok to cry. It's ok to be different. It's ok to be yourself.

Oh Brother gif

Chris DeLorenzo created a wonderful animated gif poster of O Brother, Where Art Thou? for the Silver Screen Society.

cat lady Allan Peters' Blog

Bellwoods Brewery Cat Lady IPA screen print by Doublenaut -- ohh, don't let the crazycatlady slur interfere with your joy.

Inka Mathew - To Resolve Project

2013 To Resolve Project ~ Give, and you will gain by Inka Mathew. About Inka's resolution: "Give, and you will gain. This statement is based on Bible verse, Luke It is a reciprocal action. This would b cool with a ribbon behind the graphiçs

Jared Rippy - To Resolve Project

Don't be a bear - Jared Rippy - To Resolve Project

Josh LaFayette - To Resolve Project

(Just don't give any bloody noses. Lawsuits and dry cleaners are expensive.) Josh LaFayette - To Resolve Project

Julia Cagninelli - To Resolve Project

Shout out to Khakis for this awesome reminder. Get geared up for winter and spring adventures with us! Let's go on an Adventure