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56 Impossibly Pretty And Understated Tattoos Every Girl Will Fall In Love With

I'm getting his semi colon tattoo soon and I can't wait!! I have the biggest phobia of anything with needles so will be tough! But at least I can look at this and it should help me to get out of the place in in now so it does mean a hell of a lot to me 😁

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Faith, hope, love. Three major thing in our life which must not be ignored for any costs. We must hope for love, they said. But is it actually like that? I think the best way to get the best is not to care about it, let the life flow. Relax, human :)

sign+language+love+you+with+all+my+heart+tattoo | Newest tattoo. Sign language for I love you. ♥

"I love you" in sign language my friend got for her deaf how clean abstract it is simple lines forming an image awesome More

i love you in sign language. I need this! Last thing my mom signed to me the day she died.