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Definitely feel this way of thinking was what turned me around. Be at peace with yourself, your family, your life.

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Some people mean very little to us but effect those whom we care about - try to rise above it for the better good for all involved. Keep the love and peace in your heart - continue to do the right things

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Tent Camping With Foam Floor Tiles

Use foam floor covering to make your tent less rocky and sharp, especially good for state parks where you have to pitch your tent on the gravel pad!

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This is a great tip for how to get rid of headaches and migraines without medication! I have used this and it works!

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Reminds me of a time when I humiliating someone by pulling my chair from underneath her for calling me fat and not moving out my seat then sitting down, crossing my arms in silence as she swore and cussed behind me oh the joy 😂 I got from her aggravation

Stop remembering what God has forgotten I am working on forgiving others, right now & the scriptures say forgive if you want to be forgiven (I think it's in Matthew ch so... As long as I am doing my part... I need to work on making this happen. It's hard.