Barns by kello

Such a pretty stable for horses! Would definitely want this in my dream house!

Barns and water - peace and quiet.

Beautiful barn in Vermont. I love old barns-I guess having spent so much time with grandma at the farm, she rubbed off on me a little bit. barns,Old barns,

Texas Sunset

Texas state flower~the Blue bonnet. Miss seeing a blue bonnet field driving down the road like this. It is truly a wondrous scene

country like us :)

John Denver ♪ Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong.WEST VIRGINIA, mountain mama ♫ take me home <<<i love this song!


This ain't my first rodeo rustic sign. Forget the sign, I find myself having to remind some of this pretty often.

country boys. country

haha i have to say i have writtin thats how country girls roll after going mudding on a truck lol


Hey y'all- I'm back! I've been really sick for almost all of Nov. I go back to the Dr. I don't usually ask prayer for myself, but I am asking y'all. I know I'll be better in God's timing.

So True

How can a man who can hit a Deer at 250 yards keep missing the Toilet? because the toilet is not a moving target To hang up on the bathroom wall