Dont let the fact that its done with disney characters sway you. The message here is amazing. I feel like a lot of people dont understand that feminism isnt about being more manly or looking down on being a softer or girly person. Its about having the right to be equal and being able to choose the kind of person you want to be not told that because you are female you have to be a certain way.

Disney Princess lessons about girl power! This is why I love disney, and don't agree with people who say that the princesses weak or physically discouraging.

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I love disney

When they give their princess that look. Yet another way I want my life to be like a Disney movie <<< I love Flynn's The Look most.

Pocket princess by Amy Mebberson

pocket princesses

pocket princesses I love the one we're there all on top of Baymax and the ginger one too' what did oaken put in this?

If the girls from Disney were guys

Genderbent Disney girls from Frozen, Hunchback, Princess and the Frog, Atlantis, and Tarzan.

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