White lace design sleeves sweater with jeans

Love the slight feminine detail of the lace on an otherwise relaxed, cozy-looking shirt. (Cute off-white sweater shirt with lace sleeves and denim jeans)

Grosgrain: DIY Applique Bird Back

blouse birds shirt wings cool bird shirt women swallow dress grey beautiful birds incredible sweater hipster hippie flying birds birds top birds shirt cute open back animal animals sweatshirt sexy sweater hipster hipster hipsta bird grey

This will be my first tattoo. Jeremy's fingerprint in glow in the dark ink , just underneath my left collar bone. XOXOX

Thumb print tattoo in the shape of a heart. Definitely getting my mom and dads thumb prints and getting this done. Have my mom and dad make a thumb print in the shape of a heart.

Beautiful dress for that seriouse but beautiful and playful look

The top of the shirt will draw more attention to my face, the best to my waist, and the skirt flares in a way to give my pear shape excellent movement on the bottom. I like the polka dots!

Looking hot is not a crime...

Super simple dress, so shabby chic. Almost passed it over, but it would be pretty dressed up or down or even a little hard

Short Sleeveless Lace Dress at SimplyDresses.com

Shop for Bee Darlin junior dresses at Simply Dresses. Short prom and cocktail party dresses, B. Darlin dresses in junior sizes for homecoming.

It's a necklace!  It's a collar!  It's both!

Black Filigree Collar Necklace

Add some style to your top with this black filigree accented collar necklace. long with extender Base metal Imported

cards Corset... Very Cool

Queen of Hearts - Create a card corset, paired with a slim dress underneath or even a tu-tu. Pan: I see your Duct tape corset and Card Dress and raise you a Card Corset. omg I now know what I'm being for halloween.

Cute summer outfit Not for Texas, though.

White tee/tank, black/navy cardigan, black/navy floral high-waisted skirt, gold belt, and crossbody bag

How To Train Your Dragon Toothless Girls Pullover Top

Crewneck pullover top from How To Train Your Dragon with an adorable Toothless design on front.

Studio Ghibli Her Universe My Neighbor Totoro At The Bus Stop Girls Tank Top

Studio Ghibli Her Universe My Neighbor Totoro At The Bus Stop Girls Tank Top