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Social Concerns

Things that I care about that impact individuals, and groups of people, society... If there are videos, some only display the description and the play symbol, but if you click on the play symbol it will play the video. Please check my board, Advocacy ~ Clothing & More for items that are available for purchase.
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Poverty in America - BO-NITA addresses the experience of a young girl and her mother living in poverty


Infographic: Poverty in America


Rethink Homelessness

Just because someone is currently experiencing homelessness doesn't mean they don't have a story or that it's their own fault.


Rethink Homelessness


I've Seen People Turn Garbage Into Some Cool Stuff. But THIS.... This Is Absolute Brilliance.

California Artist Builds Shelters For The Homeless From Upcycled Garbage


Man Builds Small Homes For The Homeless - 15 Pics

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Since When Is Being Homeless A Crime? Well, In Some Places, Since Yesterday.

Criminalising Homelessness If being without a home and dealing with the stigma of being homeless wasn't hard enough, some states are enacting tough laws that leave homeless folks without places to sleep and that even penalize citizens for food sharing.


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Home Sweet Road | Blessing Bags for the Homeless – Finished Project! (With Winter Items)


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Why the 'Homeless Spikes' Deserve the Turner Prize

"On one level, as so much twitter outrage has pointed out, these spikes symbolise the transformation of the homeless into a form of vermin. But their artistic resonance goes further than that. These spikes beautifully encapsulate the essential concerns of a society that has abandoned any pretence of social justice, fairness and equality, even to the point of refusing to ensure what ought to be the essential component of any civilised society - a home for all its citizens."


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When living life as an LGBT youth, one's family acceptance determine's the child's self-esteem. If a child's family does not accept them the child loses their source of social support. This leads to depression, substance abuse, suicide, and in most cases homelessness.


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70% of children targeted for trafficking in the US are homeless or wards of the state. Adoption and foster care into loving, stable homes saves lives.


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What I Learned After Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping

What I Learned After Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping #homeless #fighthunger #serveothers


What I Learned After Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping

bethelionqueen: oh-snap-pro-choice: betterthandarkchocolate: thelipstickontherim: Bring socks!!!! #homeless #donate #homelessness As ar...


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