50 años de historia

Nuestras fotos históricas (1961-2012)
18 Pins
many people are walking through the park on a sunny day with no one in sight
En 1960
an old book with writing on the front and back cover that reads, alameda de osuna
Libro de calificación escolar (1969)
an advertisement for a swimming competition with people watching
Folleto del centro.
the crucifix is shown in black and white, with candles around it
Capilla del colegio.
an old black and white photo of children sitting at desks with books in front of them
Alumnos en clases
an old black and white photo of people in a classroom
an aerial view of a tennis court and buildings
Panorámica del colegio antes de la reforma.
a room with four beds and a window
Residencia estudiantil del Colegio.
an empty room with tables and benches in the center, surrounded by shelves full of books
Gimnasio del colegio.
a snowy street with trees and buildings in the background
Patio en navidades.
an old black and white photo of a house in the middle of trees, shrubs, and bushes
Vista del un lateral del colegio Alameda de Osuna.
an old photo of a tennis court in front of a building
Patio central.
an ironing board is sitting in the middle of a room with other equipment around it
an old black and white photo of a swimming pool with stairs leading up to it
Piscina exterior.
two young women playing basketball in an old black and white photo, one reaching for the ball
Baloncesto en el recreo.