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Things I Like.

Things I love, some I own, some I want to own and others I just really admire. Hope you find some nice things you like here.

Things I Like.

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Solar panels just got a classy-looking upgrade.

Next-Gen Solar Panels Are Nearly Invisible to the Naked Eye


The skeleton holds the Order of the October Revolution. Text on the sign reads ‘90 million were killed’. Text on the skeleton’s sash reads ‘Communists, repent!!!’. Text underneath reads ‘Down with the Communist Party!’. Dzhidastroy Corrective Labour Camp, Buryat-Mongol ASSR. 1960s. An anti-communist tattoo.

Gun as text tattoo.

Rotary, Ultra Slim Collection, fully automatic stainless steel pocket watch with white dial. The Rotary "Ultra Slim" collection emphasizes Rotary's dedication to its reputation as a superior supplier of premium quality and elegant timepieces. Ultra Slim case is 4.85 mm thin.

My newest acquisition, just love this. Not super expensive, but really nice watch that makes me smile. Take note watch snobs, you could do a lot worse than some fine seikos, a lot better than some more 'prestigious' pieces I have.

HMS Invincible, Happy days on that canoe!!

HMS Ocean - Royal Navy Helicopter Carrier comes up the Thames to help keep London secure during the 2012 Olympics. Is it a little over the top?

royal navy

Tourbillion pocket watch.

memento pocket watch

Bovet Amadeo Rising Star - 46 mm diameter. White gold. Limited edition

Fortis - Fliegerchrono

Bremont pocket watch with compass at rear - kinda nifty

Luxury Articles - StyleList

How much easier would that have made uni? No losing notes sounds good.

Tsovet SVT-FW44

braun reissues

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King

timex, nice