Run the Nike Women's Marathon.  When you finish, a firefighter in a tux gives  you a Tiffany Co. necklace! Ok, this is officially on my bucket list.

Run the Nike Women's Marathon. When you finish, a firefighter in a tux gives you a Tiffany Co. Ok shut up, this is officially on my bucket list. I do not run but i will to get a tiffany & co box and necklace!

Stand on the equator. On the to do list

Been on the Prime Meridian in I need to stand on the equator. On the to do list

Bucket list

Check ~ I did this in Ecuador! bucket list: stand with one foot on one side of the equator and one on the other side

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thing on my bucket list is to graduate college & make a better life for me & my family. This is definitely a big deal on my bucket list & I can't wait to see where my life is going to take me once I finish school :)

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Baked Tacos: made these for dinner tonight. I'm a traditional taco kinda girl, but these were quick and actually pretty good.kiddos loved them. Think Taco Bell .

Go to the Ellen Show!!

Recently, my sister gave me the latest book by Ellen Degeneres titled “Seriously I’m kidding”. I am an Ellen fan…love her talk shows, her dancing. her comic timing and who can forget Dory in Finding Nemo…she’s so funny!

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I have wanted to see Ellen for years.I just received a phone call tonight telling me that I won 2 tickets to one of the 12 days of giveaways! I am so beside myself with excitement; I was crying on the phone! I love you Ellen! Thank you so much!

gather family recipe treasures

put together a cookbook, with recipes from my family, and all my favorite recipes, and pass it on to my children :)

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obviously high on my list of things to do before i die

i WILL watch my kids get married, and i can't wait for the day my husband let's go of his daughter and hands her to her prince charming. i know mike will tear inside!

We will do this :)

Go on a road trip with friends. But there's always a need for more road trips with friends.


it's a life long process to be a great parent! I hope to be a great of a parent as my parents have been are still are to me! And then one day be an amazing grandparent as they are to!

this will happen on our romantic trip together <3

bucket list: get kissed under a waterfall. I've been kissed under a waterfall from a pool but that doesn't count


Seattle bucket list: Pike Place Market - stick a piece of gum on the gum wall. - write something with gum on the gum wall

Four Corners Daniela Diego Danny and I got to stand in a different states and only inches apart....pretty cool. :) DONE!!!!

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"Four Corners Monument ". Be in Four States at Once : Utah,Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. The monument stone is at Shiprock, Utah

It'd go something like this for me: Dear whoever, Hello. How has today been? From whomever.

i wish people wrote letters. i love letters. someone write me a letter. and send it by snail mail.

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Sistine Chapel is the best-known chapel in the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope in the Vatican City. Vatican City is located in the heart of Rome, Italy.

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Spend an entire day watching Disney movies.I'm sure I will do this when I have kids, or maybe before! I LOVE Disney movies!