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Yellow teeth are usually a sign of decay and indicate an accumulation of plaque as well. Yellowing of teeth is caused by various foods that we consume and due to ageing. We focus so much on how our face looks and tend to overlook the health of our teeth.

Is the condition bothering you so much? Then here are the most effective home remedies for yellow teeth enlisted for you to know.

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Here are 25 Awesome Backyard DIY Project Ideas on Budget to share with you. Hopefully you can find some inspiration with these amazing DIY projects!

Anti ageing better than Botox 1/2 banana 1/4 cup of yogurt 1 teaspoon of honey Mash the banana with a fork or spoon or your hands, mix in the yogurt and honey, put it on your face and sit back and relax for 15 minutes. For additional “soak it in” benefits place a warm washcloth over your face, then rinse it off. Your skin will feel softer, smoother and it helps to reduce wrinkles in your skin. Enjoy looking younger!

5 Tips to Anti Aging Naturally Better than Botox Anti-Aging Face Mask! Its really simple and it helps to tighten and firm the skin naturally. No need to inject your face with gross chemicals when you can achieve great anti-wrin.