Brightly-Colored Bouquet Cards | 17 Easy Emergency Mother's Day Crafts For Kids

17 Easy Emergency Mother's Day Crafts For Kids

CREATE AN "I LOVE YOU" JAR <3 Get a glass jar, about 6.5" tall with a lid. A child can decorate the lid with paper, flowers or anything their mom might like. Kids can tie a piece of twine around the mouth of the jar and attach a tag that says, "101 Things I Love About You." They can then write on scraps of paper, the reasons they love their mother, fold accordion-style and place it in the jar. SWEET!

101 Reasons Why I Love You Mom Mason Jar tutorial. easy Mother's Day gift for kids to make for Mom or Grandma

Whether its for your own mother or one of your mom pals, nothing quite says, “Thinking about you, Mom” like a thoughtful handmade present. That’s why this Mother’s Day we’ve come up with a few DIY ideas that are sure…

12 Simple Gifts for Mom You Can Make at Home

Mother's Day Gift Jar - "All the reasons I love Mommy!" - scrapbook papers rolled and put in the jars