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Books Worth Reading

Dressing with Dignity

Books Worth Reading

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Names for some necklines, which seems like it would be useful to know.

dress ed

Grosgrain: Modcloth Dress Ed

Colleen Hammond shares real-life examples of how women can accentuate the grace and beauty of their femininity, and she shows that modest definitely does not mean frumpy!! DRESSING WITH DIGNITY covers it all! www.ColleenHammon...

The perfect guide for parents — as well as religious — who want a practical guide to help mind your manners in any situation, and to foster morally good inner character traits that will be exhibited in an outward manner.

There are plenty of etiquette and manners books available, but how many are exclusively for Catholics? How many focus on the fact that manners are morally good inner character traits that are exhibited in an outward manner? Our lives are full of moments when we are not sure how to handle a certain situation. These occasions of uncertainty and discomfort could be everyday activities or special events that only happen once a year. $10.00

The Correct Thing for Catholics - Colleen Hammond

HFVBT Presents Elena Maria Vidal's The Paradise Tree Blog Tour, October 4-20 - Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours

Pressure Cooker Recipes! Why buy a book when so much is available online. I'm suddenly VERY into my pressure cooker!

Pressure Cooker Recipes

HIGHLY recommended. Originally published in Italian by the Vatican Press, this book offers readers insights into the sacrality which ought to surround the distribution and reception of Holy Communion Relying on accurate history and good theology, the author makes a plea for a return to distributing the Eucharist to kneeling communicants on the tongue — the practice now restored at papal liturgies by Pope Benedict XVI. The book comes with the endorsement of the Pope.

Want to learn to be a better cook? The science and techniques behind perfect recipes. I give this as a bridal shower/wedding gift (an alternative to the Cook's Illustrated cookbook).

My favorite cookbook, which I always give as a bridal shower/wedding gift because it guarantees impeccable results.

Another great gift for the men (young and old) in our lives. MANVOTIONALS is a collection of advice from the philosophy of Aristotle to the success books of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to the speeches and essays of Theodore Roosevelt. All designed to inspire men to live life to the fullest and realize their complete potential as men. The book is divided into 7 Manly Virtues. Each chapter helps the reader understand a particular virtue and become inspired to live it.

  • Godwin Delali Adadzie
    Godwin Delali Adadzie

    Thanks for sharing.

GREAT GIFT for young men. Confirmation, graduation, or birthday. "Everything from survival skills to social skills to advice on how to improve your character. Whether you are braving the wilds with your friends, courting your girlfriend or raising a family, inside you'll find practical information and inspiration for every area of life."

RULES FOR MY UNBORN SON is a collection of traditional, humorous, and urbane fatherly advice for boys. Much better than "Because I said so!" Cute stuff.

Vol 5 of 5: Originally written in the mid-1800s by Fr. Andre-Jean-Marie Hamon, a holy French priest, this five-volume set has a beautiful new layout and new formatting yet retains the charm of the original text.

Vol 4 of 5: This five-volume set promises to become a family heirloom that you will hand down for generations, too.

Vol 3 of 5: These prayerful, thought-provoking, and powerful lessons will help you achieve holiness on your journey towards a joyful and happy life, while making firm strides toward Heaven.

Vol 2 of 5: Whether or not you have a spiritual director, these daily readings will guide your soul through today's turbulent times--bringing you closer to God and assisting your growth in virtue.

Vol 1 of 5: A time-honored guide for daily personal spiritual direction since the mid-1800s, many generations of families have handed down Meditations for All the Days of the Year to their children.

Coloring book. Beautiful and detailed drawings based on the rich legacy of statues and stained glass windows in our Catholic Faith. Sacred Scripture accompanies each drawing. And I know the author/artist and highly recommend him!

  • Paula De Rutherford
    Paula De Rutherford

    Wow! Gorgeous!

  • Colleen Hammond
    Colleen Hammond

    Isn't it fabulous? It's written and illustrated by my adopted nephew, who recently moved back here from Australia.

  • Paula De Rutherford
    Paula De Rutherford

    Really beautiful! (my grandmother's maiden name was da Souza, by the way)

  • Paula De Rutherford
    Paula De Rutherford

    I just showed this to Ian. He's going to see if he can carry it at Aquinas and More!

5-Vol set. If you wish to improve your relationship with God and grow in virtue daily, then these books will guide you! Spend only a few minutes each day getting closer to God through mental prayer.

Gone are the days when women dressed with beauty and charm that accentuated their femininity. Much of what passes for women’s fashions today appeals to the baser senses of men and women, making it increasingly difficult to maintain the respect that women deserve!

  • Cassandra Moore
    Cassandra Moore

    We must share this with our younger designers. I will be ordering this book.

  • Diane Boretsky
    Diane Boretsky

    Must get this book!! So very true !

  • Kirsten Houseknecht
    Kirsten Houseknecht

    as a fashion design student, its tough.. our instructors do NOT like modest clothes, i sneak them in when i can

  • Mary Ratterman
    Mary Ratterman

    My mom read your book, and read some to me and my sister's. It is really good.

  • Colleen Hammond
    Colleen Hammond

    THANK YOU! ♥

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