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zombie apocolypse fashion & gear

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zombie apocolypse fashion & gear

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Zombie Apocalypse checklist…everyone needs one of these

you're safe

He'd likely have a black one of these stashed wherever, or something similar. Multi-Purpose 1 day pack ( FirstSpear is a brand created by former U.S. servicemen, they develop enhanced light-weight load carriage solutions for the US Special Forces )

Shelf Reliance® Deluxe BPA Free 55-gallon Barrel Water Storage System

Ambient Weather Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Digital Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger

Survival, Knot, and First Aid Bandanas

GO-bag Layout SM

EDC Kit - Kaufmann Mercantile

4 Reasons To Add A Pellet Air Gun To Your Survival Arsenal |

I want this

what a guy!

Internet Husband: When You Marry An Web Addict

Wasteland Garb by ~DirtyandDistressed on deviantART


Upkeep, Even During Zombie Apocolypse


Zombie Hunter. DUDE. yes.



zombie apocalypse.

Work out to be fit and sexy? Hell no... I am training for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Gotta prepare for it! How to Survive the Apocalypse

After the zombie apocalypse hits, all our shirts will look like this so might as well get used to it now...

zombie fighting weapon!

9GAG - Why So Serious?

How to kill a ZOMBIE true that! I'd totally make it in a zombie apocalypse!