Colorado Writing Project

Colorado Writing Project

Colorado Writing Project
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Going Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay (Cal Poly Pomona): You spent all that time in high school learning to write five-paragraph essays; This website explains the limitations of this format.

Peer feedback can be quite the challenge. Want some fresh thinking about how to get the most out of it?

Online Reputation Management: How to Counteract Bad Feedback:A fabulous social media service truly renders is it facilitates customers to voice out their

How online collaboration transformed instruction at two schools.

Whether you enroll at on-campus or online game design schools, you can be assured you'll be headed down your dream career path.

Three lessons from the science of how to teach writing

Interesting article from "The Hechinger Report" about three ways to improve students' writing: a) write more, b) use computers to write instead of writing by hand, c) don't bother explicitly teaching grammar.

When Reading Workshop Meets Writing Workshop

We were in the midst of a lively mentor text analysis of James Howe’s “Everything Will Be Okay” for our just-launched memoir unit. I was thrilled to see my sixth graders making note of the way in .

A Year of Reading: A Workshop of the Possible*

DigLit Sunday: Setting Up for Fall - musings on getting connected in the classroom

Some of the standard reading exercises in school are boredom-inducers.

"Seven ways schools kill the love of reading in kids - and 4 principles to help restore it. Washington Post, Some of the standard reading exercises in school are boredom-inducers.