How to make your very own solar panel set-up completely from scratch. Additionally information to do with working with kits and getting extra parts via Ebay. Off Grid Solar Power system control

Build Your Own Solar Power System At Home

Vegetable garden: grow Your Own Sprouts on Your Kitchen Counter Top Project » The Homestead Survival

Grow Your Own Sprouts on Your Kitchen Counter Top Project | The Homestead Survival

Considering #homesteading? @homesteader has 7 reasons why we should start today!

Getting Started Homesteading - Over 20 Posts to Help You Be More Self-Reliant - Uncover tons of effective survival accessories, tools, strategies and guides to help you survive!

Survival Supply Caches - Geek Prepper

Build A Wind Generator Using A Truck Alternator If you can turn a wrench and operate an electric drill, you can build this simple generator in two days: one day of chasing down parts and one day assembling the components. You need 4 basic ingredients: a GM pickup truck alternator ($40 new) a GM fan-clutch …

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The power grid is one of those things that most of us take for granted, but it’s time to acknowledge that it’s getting older, reaching capacity and under attack. Without a preparedness blueprint in place, most of us would be in bad shape with an extended grid outage.

When the Power Grid Fails - 10 Things You Need to Prepare

16 Cool Homesteading DIY Projects For Preppers | Self-Sufficiency | Homemade | Handmade And Off The Grid Hacks by Pioneer Settler at

16 Cool Homesteading DIY Projects For Preppers

What exactly should you do if the SHTF? @graywolfactual wrote an excellent article that answers this question. Every prepper should read this.

The First 9 Things To Do When The SHTF | Urban Survival Site


Historical Uses for the Common Mullein | Advanced Survival

FREE report! Detailed tips for the first few hours and days following an EMP or power grid failure.

EMP Survival & The First 15 Things You Must Do Immediately After an EMP - Survival Mom

5 Food Storage Lies You're Being Spoon Fed Right Now | Recipes and Food Storage | Survival Food and Recipe Ideas For Long Term Food Storage - Survival Prepping Tips at

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5 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Almost Anywhere Urban Survival Site

5 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Almost Anywhere

100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel. If you want filtered water right from a rain barrel this is for you. This 100 year old tip is a classic

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The 9 Best Survival Antibiotics | Urban Survival Site

The 9 Best Survival Antibiotics

Off Grid – How To Build A Bio Water Filter

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Water pump

Egyptian Irrigation methods ~ EGY KING

Recycle Old Freezer into Potato and Root Crop Storage-Root Cellar

Burying a Freezer

An Overlooked Source of Water – Rainwater - The Homestead Survival - Water Storage and Purification - Homesteading - Emergency Preparedness

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5 Great Soaps To Consider For Prepping -

Five Great Soaps to Prep! - American Preppers Network

Faraday Cage Contents

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BACKWOODS SURVIVAL BLOG: The Meaning of Those Codes Used Over the Airwaves ...

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If you only have one battery, use a screw as a second one

This Weeks Top Life Hacks!! Click Here to see... - Life Hackable

Medical Needs -4- DOCTOR Medication Extensive List. Medication, Ailment and Approximate Dosage If there is a long term disaster, medication will be as valuable as silver but the knowledge how it is use.... like gold. Great list! Print it out and put in your emergency preparedness binder.

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How to build a portable solar panel system By eHow Contributor - This gave me an idea to create a portable solar power generator. It is not an original idea, and I found a ton of sites online that show you how to make one. This thing can be used to provide power on a boat, to a shed, in a cabin, on an RV, while camping, or even in emergencies. Here is how to do it!

How to build a portable solar panel system | eHow

Why, When, How to protect your gear from EMP. A Tutorial. |

Why and how to protect your gear from EMP - Survival Mom