TV Commercial Classics

Most of the Rockies TV commercials can be found here. Click on each still or behind-the-scenes photo to watch each hilarious TV spot.
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"Hitting Coach" (2013): Hitting coach Dante Bichette share some very important information with some young Rockies players

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Get in the 20th Anniversary spirit with this spot

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Colorado Rockies

"Batter Intros" (2013): Different Rockies players prefer different kinds of music...and devices

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"20 Years" (2013): A nostalgic take on current Rockies players on Opening Day back in 1993

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"Cinco Second Rule" (2013): CarGo gets caught!

Cinco-Second Rule

"El Matador y El Toro, Pt. II" (2013): Baby Bull and El Matador clash once again and Dinger, an innocent bystander, feels the wrath of the bull

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"Real Estate" (2013): Dexter Fowler goes shopping for real estate

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"Pie in the Face" (2012): Boom! Pie in the face.

RockiesVision: Pie in the face

"Bloopers" (2012): Watch the hilarious bloopers and outtakes from the 2012 commercial filming.

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"Tulo Chants" (2008): TU-LO chants are everywhere.

RockiesVision: Tulo Chants

"Superstars" (2008): After starring in TV commercials, Rockies players haven't let the fame get to their heads - they say.

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"Twitter" (2010): Dex tries to teach Todd about new technology.

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"Rite of Passage" (2010): Dinger, now 16 years old with a driver's license, borrows Tulo's truck.

Dinger gets the car keys

"Off-Days" (2007): Starting pitchers make themselves useful on the days they don't pitch.

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"Lost in Translation" (2010): In the clubhouse, communication is key.

Lost in Translation

"Holliday Touched It" (2008): Recalling the 2007 play-in game's 13th inning game-winning slide, this commercial proves that Holliday definitely touched "it."

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"Lucky Couple" (2011): Fans share their love for the Rockies and the luck that they bring the team.

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"Fan Fantasy Draft" (2012): Rockies players draft fans for their fantasy team.

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"The Mentor" (2012): Jason Giambi is a mentor for young Rockies players, but he has a unique teaching style.

RockiesVision: The mentor

"Dinger Hot Tubbin'" (2012): Dinger relaxes with some players after a hard game.

RockiesVision: Dinger

"Purple Mondays" (2012): Rockies players and fans band together to bring you "not another political ad."

RockiesVision: Purple Mondays

"Dinger's Other Job" (2009): This is what Dinger does when he's not at games, parties or community events.

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"Art of the Steal" (2012): CarGo and Dex talk about the secrets of base stealing.

RockiesVision: Art of the steal

"Bloopers" (2010): Check out the hilarious bloopers and outtakes from the 2010 TV commercial filming.

Rockies bloopers

"Batting Practice" (2007): Rockies players show their power.

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