Stans sister

f Elf Ranger Longbow Hello there! My first illustration of the new year is this lovely OC of Anasasiel. Anasasiel came to rescue a nearby village, but her effort was in vain, the houses are already burning.


f Rogue Assassin gladiator arena city dagger Leather By Wlop Female fantasy character illustration comic.

Fierce cover, Miguel coimbra on ArtStation at

Fierce by MiguelCoimbra female fighter paladin knight soldier Joan of Arc Jeanne d'Arc sword broadsword platemail armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

chinese hook and sword

If you had to carry a sword into battle, which type would you pick?

Dr.Schnabel by on @DeviantArt

Schnabel tried to fight the plague many years ago. He saw the light after contracting the illness himself and decided to serve it instead as a demon of pestilence.

black man male mage wizard magic-user hooded arcane-trickster rogue moc poc character -- Agent of the Fates by MattStewart