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The Unartistic Art Life

The Unartistic Art Life

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Not sorry...

Finding ME after 46

Easy and inexpensive wall art anyone can make. No artist talent needed for this project. Canvas, paint and pouncers are all you need.

DIY Wall Art Anyone Can Make - Easy & Inexpensive

i do yoga to relieve stress

Beautiful, too often we try to fix our friends, sometimes we just need to be there

I made you a nest…

Libras get sick largely because they suppress their inner most desires to please everyone else's. This frustration leads to illness.

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts

OMG THTA IS SO ME!!! I have said that for years. I reflect the mood that others are giving off.

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts

Libras try to remain calm and collected, but when you cross the line you will see a darker side to them, so be very afraid...

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts

This is why I go through phases where sometimes it's REALLY difficult for me to "let it go" or "let it be".

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts

And also why they'll keep a special distanced person close to their heart, nay, in their soul!!

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts

Learn how to screen print with Mod Podge - it's easy and budget friendly!

DIY screen printing with Mod Podge - Mod Podge Rocks

Print Crayons on T-shirt (or any kind of fabric):This is similar to screenprinting in that you use a "screen" or stencil, but you use crayon shavings instead of ink. Too cool!

How To Print Fabrics With Crayons

May seriously come in handy for Cosplay!! Think about it. How easy would it be to just apply a screen print of a pattern or logo you need for cosplay, especially when this is such a handy guide?!

down and dirty screenprinting for under 10$

How to make mini silk screens (to make your own clothing labels or small silk screens) via

Mini Screens and Clothing Labels (A Tutorial) | Ashley Hackshaw

Pinning because this so reminds me of my sister. Ever dreaming of flying far far away, so fiesty and full of life. She died when we were both in our teens and her passing was devastating. And her name was also JoAnn Harris. I called her chippy. What wonders would we have shared these past 25 years!

33 One Sentence Inspirational Quotes


Andrea's World...

How Chicago's Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Everything you say is bullshit. Send an email apologizing, then start drama with a friend (out of the blue), email me about MY man for whatever reason, contact my mans ex to inform his son that we are married, then talk shit and now you're genuinely happy for us? Seems like you might be bipolar with this wanna be love/hate you have for me. I don't have to make it fb official because I know you will let everyone know for us.

I'm not a bitch quotes girly photography



The Ninja in all of us. The understanding of EGO!

As you travel Solo being totally responsible for yourself, it's inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are. #Travel #Life

Caught in the Act of Becoming


Stuff from the Outside

be better than you were yesterday

Back On Pointe - beast-mode-activate: Correct! Don’t try and...