fabulous repurposed men's suit bags

BAG TO MAKE - From old suit jacket! what a CUTE idea!) and you get to repurpose old stuff, too! (go to the thrift store and get an old suit jacket!

♥ Netherlands #monogramsvacation

Tulip Fields, Netherlands This tulip field in the Netherlands has a wide area of land filled with beautiful tulips in different colors, making it attractive and colorful like a rainbow ,from Iryna


Abstract ~ study of oil & water, photographer Karen Keogh. Slightly hard to find the words to describe this abstract photo. I like the cartoony looking bubbles formed by the mixture.

pretty cute!

Birds crafts for children for spring - 100 and more projects Sweet porridge…

recycled vases. can't find the original source for this image; would love to credit it properly.

These pieces of pottery are excellent examples of the use of color in design. They incorporate both primary, secondary and tertiary colors, all with strong intensities. Each pot uses both warm and cold colors ranging from blues to reds.

A field of #poppies

A field of poppies photographed by Marcie Gonzalez. The Flower Fields, Carlsbad, California.


This is a felt brooch ~ coil strips cut from felted jumpers to make coasters or trivets ~

Southwest Gallery: Not Just Southwest Art.

vivid colors, remember to try using them for a landscape quilt - - - Artist Gene Brown.

Mexican Home Decor Travel Style

Mexican Home Decor - Travel Style Guide

pretty embroidery

cut out an interesting belt shape in felt and appliqué flowers and leaves, then add embroidery and beads Mais