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Elliott Whiting
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Marvel is doing it right.

DC: WE'd love to make a Wonder Woman movie, but it would be so difficult and risky. Marvel: Let's make a movie where Bradley Cooper's a gun-toting, talking raccoon and Vin Deisel is a giant talking tree named Groot.

Captain America

Captain America The First Avenger: Captain America/Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, & James "Bucky" Barnes - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Lost it at Vision

A spell turn the Avengers to speak with their first language - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


Thor ~ Jane Foster and Darcy - I loved these two in this - such a good movie and i'm not into the super hero stuff.I only like a handful of them - loved Thor! Thor was good


Funny pictures about Sad George Lucas. Oh, and cool pics about Sad George Lucas. Also, Sad George Lucas.

Steve Natasha Captain America Winter Soldier friendship, casual conversations at work

This is not so bad.

This is not so bad.-----I loved this part. I felt like he had a bright future ahead of him as part of the Avengers team. At least, that was BEFORE THEY SHOT HIM 47 TIMES IN THE CHEST<<<Stop right there.

Thor & Loki

my favorite part of the whole movie! best annoying brother-backseat driver scene ever! plus they are commiting treason<<<<This scene is so funny.