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    how to remove carpet stains

    how to remove carpet stains (with something you already have!)

    How to create a house cleaning schedule you can stick to {part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge on Home Storage Solutions 101}

    How To Create A House Cleaning Schedule You Can Stick To

    One result of decluttering that I did not expect was the way my spending habits changed. I thought that I was already pretty careful about how I used money, but after simplifying my home my perspective on spending changed completely. I now spend much differently than I used to, and in the process, I've saved a lot of money!

    How Decluttering My Home Changed the Way I Spend | The Humbled Homemaker

    YES! Your Magic Eraser can clean THAT! Check out these items that I'm sure you NEVER thought your magic eraser could clean! Do you use it on another item that's not listed? #magiceraser #cleaning #yesyoucancleanthat

    YES! Your Magic Eraser can clean THAT!

    7 Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Tips: Here are several bathroom cleaning tips that will help make cleaning easier and faster!

    7 Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Tips

    DIY Garbage Disposal Cleaning Cocktail Cubes

    DIY Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaning Cocktail Cubes

    Non-Toxic Easy Way to Clean Your Oven without Chemicals - As a breast cancer survivor and mom of 2 kids, I try to be careful about using too many chemicals. I want to make sure the house is clean, but prefer to clean using natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients.

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    I find my house doesn't clutter up when I follow this simple rule my husband taught me

    Keeping a Clean House: The 1-Touch Rule - Mother's Niche

    17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change You Useful Life Hacks, Life Hacks

    17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change You


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    Holiday Sparkle: FINALLY CLEAN YOUR GROUT! So I just did this. I cannot believe how white and clean my grout is now!! It's was so dirty. This really works!!!

    Holiday Sparkle: FINALLY CLEAN YOUR GROUT!

    How to clean microfiber couches.

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    How to Clean Your Microfiber Couch...this REALLY WORKS I just tried it!!

    How to clean a microfiber couch

    The easy and natural way to clean your microwave! What a lifesaver!

    How to Clean a Microwave: The easy, natural, no scrubbing way! - The Creek Line House

    I knew these things were wonderful but I had NO idea how wonderful until reading this!

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: Creative Uses For These Household Cleaning Blocks That Truly Work Magic! | Fun Times Guide to Household Tips

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    17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change You

    5 things to do every day to keep your house clean and organized.

    5 Things To Do Every Day to Keep Your House Clean and Organized

    How to clean stove grates effortlessly

    How to clean stove grates - Debbiedoo's

    Cleaning Hacks

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    Good Tips On How To Keep Your House Clean... Ok, I can do this!

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    The BEST secret to a shining sink, bathtub and toilet! | www.classyclutter...

    My secret weapon for cleaning your sink, toilet and bathtub -

    Clean Oven!:3-4 drops of Dawn, 4 T. of Baking Soda, 5 T. of Vinegar, Juice of a lemon or lime. (Pour in vinegar SLOWLY!) Wipe paste onto the surfaces in the oven. Let it set for a couple of hours. Wipe out with a sponge or warm cloth.

    Non Toxic Oven Cleaning Using Easy Ingredients

    Hard water stains in the toilet. 1/4 cup borax, 1 cup vinegar, wait 20 mins scrub. Shine throne

    Hard Water Stains In The Toilet

    Alka Seltzer: Clean a toilet. Clean a vase. Polish jewelry. Clean a Thermos or Sigg bottle. Unclogs a drain. ..who knew! reginaporter

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    Do you have a stash of empty essential oil bottles? Don't recycle them! Here's a tutorial on how to clean and reuse essential oil bottles.

    How to Reuse Essential Oil Bottles - Oh Lardy