kieran kinsella

These 27 Stump Stools Will Naturally Fit Anywhere Into Your Life

KIERAN KINSELLA works out of his one-man studio in upstate New York. Using fallen trees from around the studio, he turns and carves walnut, oak, ash and maple into side tables and stools.

Anne-Fleur  Thierry's bedroom, ELLE.

Anne-Fleur & Thierry's bedroom, ELLE.

Love this Bedroom where the headboard create a second room for a dressing or a bedroom for example

oooooo. fun.

Photo Display Large Frame The giant frame / photo wall is custom made. It's roughly 120 photos floated in an 8 x 4 foot frame.


Play in the Dark: Neon basketball hoop ! This is perfect with the neon balls and gloves ! We have to do it senior year one time S Upchurch Taylor Richardson Francine Stepp


Alarm Clock Wood Cube Dark - clap to make the time appear. I wouldn't have to use my cell phone anymore and I wouldn't have to see the lights from the clock until I want too :D