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ideia de tiny burger robata

For this I made a half batch of pancakes, and made them “mini” and cooked up about 5 sausage links, and 3 eggs. I cooked the eggs inside of a cookie cutter to get them to be thicker so I could cut them and put them on the toothpicks.

ideia de robata de linguiça

Homemade Sausage On a Stick from the Farmers Market

ideia de tiny burger e tiny beer

Perfect late night snack for guests! These scrumptious Mini Burgers and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches served with Mini Beers is just perfect!since we're redoing so late. What perfect comfort late night snack!

salada de tomatinhos

Spicy Grape Tomato Salad, A simple Tomato salad with a bit of tang and a touch of spice!