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Comics Tavern is the warm, cozy place on the web to celebrate comics and the creators who make them.
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#007: James Kochalka

My Convention Sketchbook James Kochalka

#006: Jordan Crane

My Convention Sketchbook Jordan Crane

#005: John Pham

My Convention Sketchbook John Pham

#003: Levon Jihanian

My Convention Sketchbook Levon Jihanian

#002: Really Big Sammich

My Convention Sketchbook …err.that Really Big Sammich Artist.

#001: Jaime Hernandez

My Convention Sketchbook Jaime Hernandez

#000: Sketchbook Origin Story!

My Convention Sketchbook Origin Story

10 Questions with Eva Cabrera!

10 Questions With Comics Brewmaster Eva Cabrera

10 Questions with Joe Matt!

It's time for another round of 10 Questions! This time we "sit down" with Comics Brewmaster, Joe Matt! Peepshow was one of the first small press

10 Questions with Jon Vinson!

I'm pleased to have one of the original Comics Brewmasters, Jon Vinson, back in the Tavern to suffer through a round of 10 Questions! His new comic Nightingale

10 Questions with Michel Fiffe!

Michel Fiffe has been a student of comics his whole life, and he's written extensively about them, but now it's time for him to take a bow as one of today's