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Once my cat actually came shopping with me. He liked the dog food.

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I like to imagine what my cats would choose if they were shopping.

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I think I must like this better than my cats, because every time I buy it, I think it's one of their favorites until I put it in their bowls. I think they used to like it. It's got wild-caught salmon and venison in it, so it seems pretty healthy. Healthy and different are what my cats like. They also like unhealthy and different, but I try to keep the junk food to a minimum.

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I asked the shopkeeper if he had anything new to try, and he pointed out Avo-Derm, which already sounds great because I like avocados. It has a picture of an avocado for the 'o' in the word. It actually has avocado oil in it, which is supposed to help the cat's skin and coat. The cats thought it was very tasty.

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