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Pronged Horn

Sri Lanka Blue Magpie / Ceylon Magpie / Urocissa Ornata

Chinese Golden Monkey - Endangered

by Stefano Zocca.

Young Kudu Bull ~ Absolutely stunning!

Vicuna family, photo credit Belfast Zoo

Barn Owl

A squirrel monkey

deer and fawns

Kingfisher emerging the water

Arctic Hares

Baby Raven

mini burro

Photographer Kai Fagerstrom stumbled across an eerie, decaying house while walking through the woods on a cloudy afternoon.

Bald Eagle in flight!

Pierre Debroux

Bird & Babies - Awesome Shot !

Rays beneath the Waves

Baby Koala - A curious arboreal marsupial.

Baby Binturong

Raccoon dog puppies are born blind and are covered in a very soft wool, without guard hairs. After ten days, the first guard hairs grow and are dark in color. As the pups mature, the guard hairs lighten in color, with just the hair around the eyes retaining the characteristic “raccoon glasses”. Raccoon Dogs live for about six or seven years. They are the only dog species known to hibernate in winter.

Lil Foxes

Mama & Papa Penguins & Twins


A baby lar gibbon known as "Knuppy" is seen at a private Zoo in Bremen, northern Germany

Adorable Zoo Babies!