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    Read stories of other kids around the world, engage in activities that help your kids learn about poverty and develop a heart for the poor.

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    Your kids can help cook this rice pudding recipe we got from Compassion workers in Colombia.

    Kids will love these photos of children around the world taking care of their family's animals!

    Here's a craft for kids in our new Fall edition of Compassion's children's magazine. It's a bird feeder made with a pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed. Could be a teaching resource to discuss caring for God's creation.

    Here's a printable activity that asks kids to identify five people in the picture who might feel left out. It could be a good resource for teaching young children about including others, kindness, friendship and differences.

    We got this recipe for Wild Mushroom Soup from Compassion staff in Mexico, who say that families take hikes into the hills during rainy season to hunt for mushrooms.

    Learn how to make a magnetic tangram puzzle out of a recycled tin container. This craft gives you a chance to talk to kids about the important role that each person plays in your family as a whole.

    This recipe goes along with our theme of family togetherness in the summer issue of Compassion Explorer Magazine. Cut it into puzzle pieces to represent each member of your family.

    This photo essay teaches kids about different families of sponsored children around the world.

    As a fun summer craft, have your kids decorate clothespins to look like each member of your family. It's a chance to teach kids why people living in poverty use clotheslines instead of dryers, and how opting for a clothesline saves energy.

    One of Compassion's church partners in Nicaragua sent us these prayer requests from sponsored children there.

    Photos show what life is like for Lelliane, a sponsored girl in an impoverished area of Brazil.

    You can probably find the supplies for this easy kids craft around your house. It's a homemade version of a Brazilian instrument called a "cuica."

    Here's a 7-ingredient Brazilian recipe — a black-eyed-pea dish that's popular in the northeastern part of Brazil.

    Make these corn-flour cakes called arepas with your kids to teach them about food from South America. We got the recipe from our Compassion staff in Colombia and tried it out — with yummy results.

    This devotional for kids teaches about how our creative God made us to be creative too!

    This Thai-themed placemat made with clear adhesive paper is a family craft that will remind kids to be thankful for every meal.

    Here's a fish-soup recipe featured in the latest edition of our kids magazine. It comes from the family of Surachai and Jatupon, two sponsored brothers in Thailand.

    The family of a sponsored boy in Thailand gave us this recipe for a rice and pork dish called Khao Ber. You can make it with your kids to teach them about different foods around the world.

    This craft for kids turns a recycled milk jug into a rhythm instrument similar to traditional "shekeres" popular in Africa and Latin America.

    We asked sponsored kids in the Philippines and Thailand where they get ingredients for meals, and here are their answers, with beautiful photos taken by Compassion staff in Asia.

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    Kids will learn a little about life in India with this printable maze activity.

    Here's a kid-friendly recipe for guava juice (or make it into a smoothie) from Compassion staff in Colombia.

    Here's a fun, printable flow quiz for kids asking "Are You a Team Player?" It's one of the activities in the Fall issue of Compassion's magazine for children.

    This project in our Fall issue of Compassion Explorer Magazine tells how kids can make their own play dough. The cream of tartar keeps it nice and soft.