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    Meeting her sponsored child in Nicaragua gave Lorie Lee answers she'd been looking for and inspiration for a children's book.

    Compassion workers wouldn't give up on Celambarasan, an Indian teen who quit school and Compassion's program to take an exploitative job.

    Eduarda is able to help her son, Ismael, with his first-grade homework thanks to a literacy course offered through Compassion's Child Survival Program in Bolivia.

    Meet Piyaporn, a young girl in one of Thailand's marginalized hill tribes, who is getting the education her father never could.

    Eric, a sponsored teen in Kenya, collects dirty water that his family will purify with a filter that Compassion donors provided. Walking long distances to collect water takes up a lot of time for women and children in developing countries.

    Compassion Magazine - Delivering powerful stories of children whose lives are being changed through the Church.

    Meet Clifford and Hayford, twins in Ghana who were rescued from a desperate situation when a Compassion staff member felt a "heart tug" that made her visit their home.

    Ronnie Mosley has taken up his daughter Christina's cause since her death in 2013. After taking over support of Christina's sponsored child, Satish, Ronnie traveled to India to spend a day with Satish.

    Carlitos, a Compassion-assisted boy in El Salvador, escaped a dangerous situation last year and was able to watch his sponsor — astronaut Barry Wilmore — take off into space.

    When we asked our colleague Katy Causey to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and write about it for Compassion Magazine, she happily joined 23 other sponsors to raise money for water systems in Tanzania. Here's her story.

    These photos from India follow the story of Rinki, whose sponsor sent a gift that changed her family's life.

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    Check out The Journey, Compassion Magazine's new 30-day prayer guide for children living in poverty.

    A comparison of child survival in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the U.S.

    News briefs about issues affecting children around the world.

    We got to meet some adorable babies while visiting one of Compassion's church partners in Haiti. The babies and their caregivers are getting vaccinations, health care, nutritious food and lots more in the Child Survival Program.

    Compassion's president explains how strong groundwork, in children and in the buildings where they learn and play, is creating long-term stability in Haiti.

    Thanks to our donors, Compassion has worked with Haitian crews and Salvadoran engineers to rebuild 28 schools/child development centers in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. They all meet international seismic standards, unlike most buildings in Haiti.

    Meet the resilient entrepreneurs we visited on our recent trip to Haiti. Donations to Compassion after the 2010 quake allowed Marie, Herman, Eriner and hundreds of others to open successful businesses.

    This photo essay shows how Compassion has supported sponsored child Erickson before and after the 2010 earthquake crumbled his home.

    Chonda Pierce Travels to Colombia with Compassion International

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    When Jimmy, our president here at Compassion, visited a landfill in the Philippines earlier this year, he didn't expect to find a mom living there who'd just given birth an hour earlier.

    Read about the latest issues affecting children around the world, including Brazil's effort to genetically modify mosquitoes in hopes of reducing dengue fever.

    This infographic shows the contrast between Rio de Janeiro, the wealthy state in southwest Brazil, and Maranhao, an impoverished state in northeast Brazil.