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Compassion Magazine, published three times a year, brings you inspiring stories about how sponsors and donors are transforming children's lives. It's free for iPad and iPhone in the App Store or at Enjoy!

Compassion Magazine

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Check out The Journey, Compassion Magazine's new 30-day prayer guide for children living in poverty.

A comparison of child survival in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the U.S.

News briefs about issues affecting children around the world.

We got to meet some adorable babies while visiting one of Compassion's church partners in Haiti. The babies and their caregivers are getting vaccinations, health care, nutritious food and lots more in the Child Survival Program.

Compassion's president explains how strong groundwork, in children and in the buildings where they learn and play, is creating long-term stability in Haiti.

Thanks to our donors, Compassion has worked with Haitian crews and Salvadoran engineers to rebuild 28 schools/child development centers in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. They all meet international seismic standards, unlike most buildings in Haiti.

Meet the resilient entrepreneurs we visited on our recent trip to Haiti. Donations to Compassion after the 2010 quake allowed Marie, Herman, Eriner and hundreds of others to open successful businesses.

This photo essay shows how Compassion has supported sponsored child Erickson before and after the 2010 earthquake crumbled his home.

Chonda Pierce Travels to Colombia with Compassion International

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When Jimmy, our president here at Compassion, visited a landfill in the Philippines earlier this year, he didn't expect to find a mom living there who'd just given birth an hour earlier.

  • Barbara Dee Mceldowney
    Barbara Dee Mceldowney

    this is life for many in the world today - ask the Lord to help you find your 'one' - we can't change the whole world but He can use us to change it for one...He is faithful to lead you

  • Willow Welter
    Willow Welter

    It's so important to remember that, Barbara!

  • Barbara Dee Mceldowney
    Barbara Dee Mceldowney

    I am doing all I can Willow to spread that thought - many I meet are 'overwhelmed' with the huge need but I try to help them to see that looking for and helping that 'one' applied expendentially would see the whole world changed - He gives us a task that is not too difficult for us and a burden not to heavy for us to bear - it is a joy to find that 'one', help them walk their journey and to help bear their burdens...Blessings on the work you do Willow

  • Willow Welter
    Willow Welter

    Thank you so much.

Read about the latest issues affecting children around the world, including Brazil's effort to genetically modify mosquitoes in hopes of reducing dengue fever.

This infographic shows the contrast between Rio de Janeiro, the wealthy state in southwest Brazil, and Maranhao, an impoverished state in northeast Brazil.

Christian comedian Chonda Pierce tells about her painful childhood and what it was like to meet her sponsored child, Arley, in Colombia this year.

A story about children who live in the most impoverished region of Brazil, and how Compassion helps them.

This photo essay shows how much time and work sponsored 9-year-old Nyabwiri dedicates to water-related chores in Tanzania.

Read how Jessie's 17 years on earth inspired her family to open a water-purification center in the Dominican Republic.

Check out our News and Views to see how women's education influences the health of children worldwide.

Compassion's president interviews Scott Todd, author of the new book "Hope Rising."

Rukia, who's living with HIV in Kenya, makes these colorful beads out of paper strips and turns them into beautiful jewelry to sell. She got help through a program at her local church to start the jewelry business. Now she can afford to feed the kids in her family and send them to school.

New opportunities and improvements in Africa are changing the continent for the better!

Sweet story of an Oregon woman who reconnected with her formerly sponsored child, who was facing the biggest health challenge of her life.

Here's an infographic about recent research on charitable giving.

Follow a day in the life of Odupoi, a 13-year-old Kenyan in Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, who's facing a choice: follow tribal traditions or take a more modern path?