Letter Writing Ideas

Letter writing is one of the most important aspects of your sponsorship! We hope you find lots of creative ideas for writing your child and sending small paper items. Your encouragement means the world to your sponsored child, so write often!

Letter Writing Ideas

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Illustrate a Bible Verse Sheet - fill in this sheet for your sponsored child with your favorite Bible verse. Send extra copies of this printable to your sponsored child so they can illustrate and share their favorite Bible verse with you.

Illustrating Bible Verses ~ Teaching God’s Word


Abstract Flower Drawing - create one of these for your sponsored child. Send an additional drawing and ask them to color it in for you.

Art Projects for Kids: Abstract Flower Drawing


Would you rather ... ask these questions of your sponsored children, and maybe provide your answers too!

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Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows | Fall Kids Craft - these would make a beautiful addition along with a letter about fall to your sponsored child

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Top 10 Letter Writing Tips from Compassion Australia

Top 10 Letter Writing Tips


Free Printable - My Book About the Weather! Here is a great printable for you and your family to fill in for your sponsored child about the weather in your part of the world.

My Book About the Weather!


Free printable inspirational quotes, posters and prints for kids. Print one of these out and mail it with your next letter to your Compassion sponsored child



Jessica's Pattern Block Mats (Printables) Best site I've found so far with free pattern block printables. - print out sheets of the shapes, cut them up, and mail them to your sponsored child in a ziploc bag along with a few of the printable templates

Jessica's Pattern Block Templates


Popsicle Stick Church Craft - send this cute craft to your sponsored child, but fill the envelope with paper dolls to fit within the mailing guidelines

Popsicle Stick Church Craft


How to make a Paper Bag Monkey Craft. Cute kids craft that couples as a puppet for pretend play. - create eyes from paper (instead of the googly eyes) and you can mail this to your sponsored child!

Paper Bag Monkey Craft for Kids

  • PA's Promise for Children
    PA's Promise for Children

    Awesome project for kids of various ages. Thanks for sharing!

The One Paper Airplane that Every Child Should Know How to Make - send the photo tutorial along with extra paper to your sponsored child so they can make paper airplanes with their friends

The One Paper Airplane that Every Child Should Know How to Make


Conversation Starters for - ask these questions of your own children, then share their answers with your sponsored child

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How to make encouragement cards plus a free printable to make your own! You can send your sponsored child a whole bunch of encouragement cards in one envelope.

Encouragement Cards (Plus a Free Printable!) - Little Girl Designs


Free Printable - Matryoshka Nesting Dolls Lacing Cards - send a few of these (without the yarn) to your sponsored little girls along with instructions on how to do the lacing


  • Marcy Clark
    Marcy Clark

    Would the girls have stuff to lace through it?

  • Compassion International
    Compassion International

    Marcy Clark good question! Most of the centers have basic craft supplies - Yvonne :o)

Letter writing station - set up something like this in your home to encourage letter writing to your sponsored child on a regular basis

House For Five: Letter Writing Station For A Special Little Girl


18 Reasons to Write a Letter to Your Sponsored Child Now

18 Reasons to Write a Letter


Color by number printable coloring pages

Color by Numbers Printables for Kids


I can pray with my family - Coloring Sheet

I can pray with my family - Coloring Sheet


Send your sponsored child a 'tub' of math tools

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Math Tools for Reference!

  • Hananiel Setiawan
    Hananiel Setiawan

    What would be an appropriate 4th to 5th grade Math Tools? Because different countries have different pace and I don't really want to send a multiplication guide when my sponsored child is already learning Algebra, or vice versa. Any good \website suggestion to look this up?

  • Compassion International
    Compassion International

    Hananiel Setiawan you are right, different countries have a different pace, and each individual child learns at a different pace too! My best suggestion would be to ask your sponsored child what they are learning in math, then you can tailor what you mail to what they are currently learning. - Yvonne :o)

  • Jeanette Hargis
    Jeanette Hargis

    I would love to send this to my child as her favorite subject is counting but I'm worried about it being in English instead of her language.

  • Compassion International
    Compassion International

    Jeanette Hargis that is a great concern! The translators do their best to translate as much as possible for the children. Maybe just send the items with numbers like the rulers and the number charts. - Yvonne :o)

Similar to color by numbers, this is color by letters! Help kids with letter recognition with this fun printable.

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18 Reasons to Write a Letter to Your Sponsored Child Now

18 Reasons to Write a Letter


Does your sponsored child like math? This looks like a fun printable game to mail

Lucky to Be in First!: Math Mania!


52 Kid-Friendly Bible Memory Verses - you could include one of these verses in each letter you mail to your sponsored child

52 Kid-Friendly Bible Memory Verses


What to Write: Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit-Letter writing


Looking for an easy printable activity for your kids? Try these free animal rings - simple to make, and fun to play with.

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