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Almost 11-year-old Calvin, son of Shannan Martin of @flowerpatchfarmgirl, shares the #compassionbloggers trip to #Ecuador through his eyes. What does poverty look like and what does Compassion International do about it?

Ecuador Through Calvin's Eyes

How can a daughter have so much hope for her future when her mother has none? - #CompassionBloggers #Ecuador 2016

What Everybody Ought to Know About Hope

To my pals back home, I’m heading home tomorrow night, and will be back at school on Monday, but I wanted to share a few thoughts I had with you. I thought I knew what poverty looked like. I thought that it was the guy on the corner of Central and Washington, holding an "I'm hungry." sign. I thought that was the extent of it until I came to Ecuador. - Caleb (age 13), son of #CompassionBlogger @gracelaced.

By Caleb: What My Friends Need To Know About Poverty {Compassion Bloggers Trip Ecuador 2016, Day 5}

Guest posts are pretty rare on this blog, mainly because I am not organized enough to manage it! Today I have a very special guest post - my oldest son is sharing about his experience in Ecuador. This is his first time to write on my blog! - @underthesycamore #CompassionBloggers Trip #Ecuador 2016

a guest post by Corbett Campbell {#compassionbloggers}

Sometimes poverty looks like not having enough..Today it looked a lot like loneliness. Like no one was ever going to come for you. Like the only way out was...getting married too young and starting a family you can’t possibly provide for. You were up to your elbows in abandonment. And just when I though I’d need a lifetime of deep breaths before I lost my mind at this cycle of poverty, I went to your house, Brenda. Your smile was so innocent and blindingly pure. #CompassionBloggers #Ecuador

An Open Letter to the Girls of Manta (Guest Post)

If you ask me what my hopes are for my children, at the top of my list would be loving Christ in treasuring the Gospel and serving others by applying the good news of Christ. Believing, loving, and doing all things unto Him. Isn't that what every mother dreams? - @gracelaced #CompassionBloggers Trip #Ecuador 2016

What Every Mama Dreams {Compassion Bloggers Trip Ecuador 2016, Day 4}

Sponsorship was a leap of faith for me. Even while I saw the fruit of sponsorship in my own kids, I felt like it was kind of like a trust walk to believe Compassion and child sponsorship was all that I had read. Then, I stepped foot in Ecuador and saw firsthand the work of Compassion here. - @underthesycamore #CompassionBloggers Trip #Ecuador 2016

paper treasures ~ I got it all wrong {#compassionbloggers}

"What do you dream for your children?" we asked the mother. She sat quietly, her face lined with lack and pain. "I wish I could have big dreams for them, but I cannot. I have no hope." I've asked this question in every house. But this was the first time we received this response. - @flowerpatchfarmgirl #CompassionBloggers Trip #Ecuador 2016

On Seeds & Growing

If I Have Gingham but Have Not Love: "If I come to a place where I value my want over someone else's need, I've become a clanging symbol dressed in rags." - @flowerpatchfarmgirl #CompassionBloggers #Ecuador

If I Have Gingham But Have Not Love

"I've often been asked about our decision to expose our kids to 'tough' things. The questions are usually related to how, why and when we choose to open our kids' eyes to hard realities. Sometimes the questions are fear based - fear of what could happen to a child when exposed to heart break." - @UndertheSycamore #CompassionBloggers #Ecuador

he jumped in the game {#compassionbloggers}

"I stepped into the doorway of her home with one thing in mind: I want to SEE this woman. I want to not simply sum her up or look at her life as a problem to solve. She is a mom, wife, child of God. We are more alike than we are different." - @gracelaced #compassionbloggers #Ecuador

El Roi: The God Who Sees Them {Compassion Bloggers Trip Ecuador 2016, Day 3}

God saved me from this world and from myself through the grip of a child.

To this world: I think I’ve been looking at you all wrong

"The thing about being someone who admittedly struggles with self-discipline and setting goals is that I've been known to let life happen to me." - @gracelaced #CompassionBloggers Trip #Ecuador 2016, Day 2

A Step Towards Hope {Compassion Blogger Trip Ecuador 2016, Day 2}

"We're no longer strangers when we hold hands. We're bonded together through the power of touch. Even if it's only for a moment." See these beautiful pictures from around the world of holding hands, demonstrating the power of touch. #CompassionBloggers #Ecuador

The Power of Touch

As we walked into the Compassion Child Survival Program center, we were greeted by mothers and children with huge smiles and kind eyes. Compassion is often known for its child sponsorship program, but I am learning there is much more to this organization. In the past, child sponsorship began with…

little toes pouring out of fancy shoes

Shannan Martin from Flower Patch Farmgirl visits the family of little 5-year-old Josue whom she sponsors. #CompassionBloggers - #Ecuador, Day 2

Stay - Ecuador, Day 2

The girls light up when we ask about how child sponsorship has changed their lives. They immediately pull aside a bedsheet hung from the ceiling, dividing the entry/kitchen/living room from their bedroom. "Look!" Erika says, "I have my sponsor's picture in here." In a home with nearly no decor and no room for anything but storage of the essentials, the decorated and framed photo of her Compassion Sponsor's family speaks volumes to me... #CompassionBloggers #Ecuador

He Is Able and We Are Willing {Compassion Bloggers Ecuador 2016 DAY 1}

"We have the opportunity to live as though we believe lives are equally sacred. We get to be part of this." - Shannan Martin #CompassionBlogger #Ecuador

Hosanna - Ecuador, Day 1

Our plane arrived in the late hours of the night. On the way to the hotel I learned that we would be meeting our sponsored son Ismael and his family the next day. Originally, I thought we would be meeting his family later in the week, so the news caught me off guard. As I prepared for this trip,… #CompassionBloggers

coming alongside her {#compassionbloggers}

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See the beauty and #poverty of #Ecuador through the eyes of our #CompassionBloggers: @gracelaced, @underthesycamore and @flowerpatchfarmgirl. Follow along!

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Around Our Table: The Next Compassion Blog Trip

Flower Patch Farmgirl: Driving Down a Different Street | #Ecuador Jan 30 - Feb 5 | #CompassionBloggers

Driving Down a Different Street

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Advocating alongside my oldest {Compassion Blogger}