27 Pins
a poster with the words no alla guera e all imperialismo
a man in uniform holding a model airplane above his head while sitting at a table
the back cover of an article in italian
some type of poster with different colors and font on it's sides, including the star
21o congresso del Partito Comunista
an advertisement with various stickers on it in spanish and english, as well as the word stop
Votazione UDC : 2xNO
a letter written in spanish with an image of a man's face on it
Calcio e politica
an advertisement for a book called genova 2011 - 10 anni dopo
Genova G8 : 10 anni dopo
Crisi della piazza finanziaria Lockscreen
Crisi della piazza finanziaria
an image of a poster with different colors and words on it's back side
Volantino revisione LADI
the back cover of a brochure with red and yellow lettering on it, in spanish
Retro Campagna Adesso Sesso
three people are posing for a photo with the words sesso on it in front of them
Adesso S.E.S.S.O
the back cover of an article in spanish
Volantino Ruag
two posters with different types of text on them
Volantino PC
a poster with the words liberta per 5 ero cubani on it
Volantino Cuba
a red and white poster with the words lavoratori magnanita on it
Volantino comunità straniere
the poster for an event in which there are two different types of music
Festa annuale de l'inchiostro rosso
an old black and white photo of a man
Viva la rivoluzione d'ottobre
two black and white images of people in front of a crowd with their hands up
Gioventù Comunista Unisciti e lotta
the back cover of an italian book with red and white writing on it, in spanish
Una vera opposizione sociale
a poster with the words in italian and an image of a green apple on it
Per la difesa dell'ambiente e della salute
a poster with the words in spanish and english
Serata di presentazione dei candidati locarnesi
the back cover of a book with an image of a woman in red and white
Cassa malati
a poster with an image of a mexican flag and the words flashmob per i popolo palestinese
Flashmob per il popolo palestinese
a red poster with a white star in the center and words written below it that read,
1° Maggio 2013
an advertisement for a spanish restaurant featuring a woman holding a red hat with the word queso prodoto written on it
Tassa dei milionari.
a poster for an event with people raising their hands
1° Maggio 2013 Lugano (CH)
a red poster with the words stop against poliza no al razzismoo
Stop agli abusi di polizia!