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    Wild Native Edible Florida Plants & Weeds

    This board has information on foraging for wild, native plants and weeds that can be found in Florida and the South. These can also be planted and cultivated in the garden or yard for presumably easy care food plants - why fight nature when we can work with it?

    Wild Native Edible Florida Plants & Weeds

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    Firebush, Scarletbush "Ripe fruit is black, edible raw, can be made into a syrup or wine." Used to treat a variety of skin problems; incisions bathed with plant juice healed faster and stronger. (Boil two handfuls of leaves, stems and flowers in two gallons of water for 10 minutes.) May be helpful for headaches, parasites, more.

    Firebush, Scarletbush

    Recipe for:Nopales rellenos - stuffed prickly pear cactus pads

    Nopales rellenos - stuffed cactus pads

    Wild Mustard: Brassica & Sinapis “While the table condiment mustard does indeed come from the mustard seed, the leaves, flowers, seed pods and roots are also edible… Young leaves can use used raw in salads, or cooked as a potherb. As the plant ages, it becomes strong and sometimes the leaves are too bitter to eat… They have to be chopped up more and cooked longer, but they still are delicious if a bit toothy.”

    Mustard, Wild, Tender And Tough

    11 Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Loquat

    11 Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Loquat

    How to harvest and prepare bamboo shoots - "Bamboo "shoots" out of the ground in spring... The tender inner sheath leaves are excellent cooked in soups... I like to slice the tip in large pieces and the base in smaller pieces. You knife will tell you which parts are tough. Some people dice the tougher parts of the base and cook it in stews and soups."

    Bamboo Farming USA - Bamboo Shoots

    In the field you can eat bamboo raw when freshly picked but the shoots start to become bitter when stored. To prepare bamboo, just strip off its outer leaves to leave the buttery yellow core. Or you can cut the shoot lengthwise to make stripping the outer leaves much easier. Traditionally bamboo is chopped in small slices or julienne cut, then soaked over night in rice husks to remove bitterness. Bamboo shoots can be cooked by either boiling or stir-frying.

    Survivaltek - Edible Bamboo Shoots

    From the bean behind castor oil to the world's deadliest decorative shrub, you may be surprised to find out the incredibly lethal plants often hanging around the neighborhood park - or gracing your tabletop in the form of a centerpiece. (I'm not sure how many of these are found in Florida, but I did have a castor bean plant appear in my yard.)

    Cute Killers: 16 Unassuming-but-Lethal Poison Plants - WebEcoist

    Southern Forager: Acorn "Meat" Balls! Plus a super-fast way to remove tannins from acorns.

    Acorn "Meat" Balls!

    Acorn bread with squash

    Eating the Acorns: How to Make Acorn Bread and Other Acorn Recipes

    Herb to Know: Creeping Charlie (Ground Ivy)

    Herb to Know: Creeping Charlie

    Ground Ivy, Creeping Charlie, glechoma hederacea. "Fresh or dried leaves are used for herbal tea, bitter, young shoots and leaves eaten like spinach, cooked in soups which they flavor, try first... Traditionally it was used to treat sciatica, ringing in the ears, constipation caused by lead poisoning, kidney disorders, indigestion, coughs, and tuberculosis. Animal research has not supported its use for cough. Leaves, dried or fresh was stuffed up the nose to relieve headaches."

    Ground Ivy

    Pickled Purslane recipe - a foraged and free nutritious vegetable!

    Pickled Purslane Recipe | Friends Drift Inn Recipes Gardening & Hot Flashes | Recipes Gardening and Hot Flashes

    Heartwing Sorrel. This tart Rumex is closely related to Sheep’s Sorrel and is used the same way, usually as an addition to salads. This time of year [September 15, 2015] there will be a plant here and a plant there.

    Newsletter 15 September 2015

    "Early spring [February in mid-Florida] locally means the arrival of Sheep Sorrel, Rumex acetosella... While one occasionally sees Sheep Sorrel in the fall it is usually found after the turn of the year."

    Newsletter 25 February 2014

    Oxalis, Wood Sorrel variety (?), mistakenly often called clover. Recipe for Oxalis Cooler. "If you cook oxalis best to use a glass or ceramic pot. Like all plants with oxalic acid should be used in moderation [to avoid leaching calcium from bones]. Some people may be allergic to it. The juice can be used to coagulate milk for cheese making." Green Deane says this looks like "Oxalis intermedia" here: www.eattheweeds.c...

    Oxalis: How To Drown Your Sorrels

    Heartwing Sorrel (Rumex hastatulus). "Rumexes are also known as Dock. Actually tall Rumex are called dock and short Rumex are called sorrels. There are some 200 species in the genus."

    Sorrel: Not A Sheepish Rumex

    Sheep's Sorrel (Rumex acetosella) leaves can be used in soups and salads. Discussion of sheep's sorrel and curly dock. Rumex related to buckwheat, seeds high in the amino acid lysine (anti-viral), reputedly anti-cancer.

    Rumex Ruminations

    Acorn Flour - how to make it and what to do with it. (Shell, grind, and then boil. Removes tannins faster than boiling whole.)

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    Greene Deane says don't eat peppervine berries: "well... the chemical precipitates in the kidneys.. clogs up this or that... not all toxic damage from plants shows up immediately. The vast majority of the literature says away from this plant... I don't know anyone who eats them regulary in regular quantities to even suggest they are long-term safe. Even in the short term some can burn badly. We avoid that chemical in many other plants. Personally I have no intention of being a guinea pig."

    Ampelopsis arborea(PEPPERVINE) palatable?

    Peppervine berries - "I've only eaten 5-10 berries at a time... contains large amounts of dihydromyricetin ('ampelopsin'), one of the chemicals singled out as an active component of elderberry against the influenza viruses. It apparently acts as a neuraminidase inhibitor, and is surprisingly selective in action. It's better known as a potential hangover or alcohol poisioning treatment, and is used in TCM as a component of 'vine tea'..."

    Ampelopsis arborea(PEPPERVINE) palatable?

    More Peppervine (Nekemias arborea) images for ID.

    Plants Profile for Nekemias arborea (peppervine)

    Peppervine - "Most people consider these berries somewhat sweet and grape-tasting but get a weird tickle in the back of their throat after eating one or more berries. This tickle is actually due to tiny needles of calcium oxalate which are defensive measure of the Peppervine... Drying the berries or cooking them will help remove some of these oxalates. Making wine from them may also work." Eat sparingly until you know how you react. Can cause chemical burns in throat, kidney stones if eaten raw.


    Peppervine testimonial: "After juicing the fruit I put it in the fridge overnight and the oxalate fell to the bottom of the bowl like grey sludge or wet sugar. I then ladled the juice on top out and strained through cheese cloth a few times, you could then put this back in the fridge overnight again to be sure, it worked for me." (Raw pepper vine berries have high calcium oxalate, don't eat.)

    poison ivy looking vine: ANSWERED: Pepper Vine, Ampelopsis

    Kudzu blossoms smell strongly of grape. The young leaves can be consumed as a green, or juiced. They can be dried and made into a tea. Shoots can be eaten like asparagus. The blossom can be used to make pickles or a jelly — a taste between apple and peach — and the root is full of edible starch. Older leaves can be fried like potato chips, or used to wrap food for storage or cooking. With kudzu you can make a salad, stew the roots, batter-fry the flowers or pickled them or make a make syrup.

    Kudzu Quickie

    Locally, blackberries are coming into season. (Mid-May) Photo by Green Deane. Large blackberry shoots can be peeled, boiled and eaten.

    Newsletter 7 May 2013